bucket list

swim with whale sharks
leave the usa
travel for one whole year
kiss in the rain & underwater
dive with sharks
scuba dive on the great barrier reef
scuba dive in a big aquarium tank
get a tattoo
go to tomorrowland
sky dive
dont eat carbs for one year
go to the olympics
fall in luvvvv
have a spectacular garden
rescue a puppy
make a best friend with an accent
make a song that becomes popular
go to Venice
go to teahupoo for billabong pro
live in hawaii
make a difference in someone’s life
design my own home
get to know nyc really well
mud wrestle
experiment with every drug
learn and practice Buddhism
have good underwater pictures of myself
have good surfing pictures of myself 
don’t talk to anyone i know for a year and meet totally new people
climb a mountain
get really, really good at surfing
then surf pipeline
have a baby
have a crazy weekend in las vegas
make a tumblr best friend
backpack all over europe
road trip across the country
get sponsored by reef for surfing
hang out with paul fisher + friends
be really happy